Have you ever wondered why a certain person is the way they are? I’ve wondered this of others but secretly more often than others I’ve wondered this about myself.

I’m depressed and I have been for the past twenty or so years and didn’t know, more on that later possibly, I am not sure where I am going with this. Though, I am sure that my faith has forced me to deal with the dark that has been pulling my soul further from the light. I am also sure that more and more every day I am finding freedom from its clutches.

I have had a desire to write for several years now and I did attempt to blog several years ago but didn’t stick with it. I have kept the itch of blogging cornered for a while now and I believe I am ready to let it out. In the past I believed that I am not impressive or interesting and while I still believe these things I no longer care if I am not impressive or interesting to others. I am writing for me. I want to grow, to learn, to teach, to be inspired and to inspire. I want to be creative, adventurous and disciplined.

On a much more adventurous and exciting note we got a puppy! Backstory I DON’T like dogs as a child I was attacked by one and have been terrified of them since. Being a researcher at heart I have come across article after article about how dogs are used for therapy i.e. depression, anxiety and a host of other mental illnesses. For months I’ve been reading these, so this isn’t a rushed decision which are often how my decisions are made. So far the research has proven true. I. LOVE. HER. She has been such a joy, definitely an “it was meant to be” decision. She is so cuddly and loves taking naps on my lap as I stroke her fur. She helps me relax when I am stressed by just being in the room. She is a shepherd/lab mix and is a month and a half and we Hahn’s are happy we added her to the family. So I say to all the crazy animal-lovers out there I get it, truly, I finally get it. 


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